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Drachman M&A Co.

Over the last fifteen years, Max Drachman has participated in the sale of tens of thousands of Outdoor and Tower assets across every region of the United States. In addition to many others, Mr. Drachman led the acquisition and divestiture of high profile assets such as:

  • Fairway Outdoor – 3,500 faces across Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, South Carolina & Ohio
  • Bill Salter Advertising – 1,750 faces along the Emerald Coast of Florida and Alabama
  • Waitt Outdoor – 2,515 faces across Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois 
  • Impact Outdoor – The largest independent in Dallas, Texas
  • Mid America – 1,032 faces in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Kentucky
  • Trilogy OutdoorSeveral of the most prominent locations in Atlanta
  • Prince Media – One of the largest independents in New York City
  • Key Outdoor – 1,793 faces in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa
  • RSA Media – The largest independent in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Fairway Outdoor’s SW Division – Represented Lindmark Outdoor Media in their acquisition of 3,000+ faces from GTCR
  • Lang Media – The largest independent in Albany, New York
  • Newman Signs – The largest independent in New Mexico
  • Boardworks – One of the largest independents in Atlanta
  • Horton Outdoor – Large PE-backed southeastern platform
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About The Firm

Drachman M&A Co. is the leading Outdoor Advertising Mergers and Acquisitions firm in the United States. With scarcity, barriers to entry, improving analytics, and technological advances pushing expense compression, Outdoor’s future has never been brighter. Further, the demand for bandwidth is lifting the valuation of Tower assets to record levels. The firm’s focus on these two dynamic asset classes, along with the market share Mr. Drachman retains from his prolific track record of closings over the last decade, gives clients an unmatched advantage in the complicated world of media and digital infrastructure transactions. Uniquely free from any conflicts of interest from ownership of any media or tower assets, the firm’s executives are able to provide guidance and strategic advice from a position of total transparency and complete alignment with the goals of its clients. Drachman M&A Co.’s foundation of trust, confidentiality, and integrity coupled with Mr. Drachman’s reputation for persistence and delivering results for clients will provide the Outdoor and Tower industries the top M&A firm for the next decade and beyond.

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